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My goal is helping children from every race, every class, irrespective of where they were born or their circumstances, and help as many as I can to obtain a proper education, for that will be their Passport that would take them through their sojourners' life!


All Is Not Lost

If I fail for not trying
My heart will keep on crying,
The world in its present stage
Ignite pangs into a blaze

Having shown a way out of this madness
Unable to see, we now live in darkness
Jesus taught us how to pray
Gandhi showed us the way


Jesus said to turn the other cheek
Gandhi was strong but yet meek,
Instructed to love each as our self
That teaching we placed on a dusty shelf

Now looking at our present predicament
Much room for discouragement,
But even with the world shaking like a mighty quake
I’ll continue to try for our children’s sake!

      Sheriff G. Ali 2006


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