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"To a dream realized"

Where have you been all of my life?

My heart exuberates; can I be your wife?

I wonder into your eyes and I see

Everything in life I can be

You are my portion in this troubled world

Can I hold your hands as we grow old?

Your beautiful eyes your lovely voice

O! My Love, you are my choice

I tremble at the thought of losing you

How can I live without you?

With you in my life I feel so strong

In mine eyes you can do no wrong

Your heart of gold I love so much

I shudder at the thought of your tender touch

You are the dream I have waited for

Thanks to God, I ask for nothing more...

© Reanty Marajh 2005

Author's Comments:
""What oxygen is to the lungs, such is hope for the meaning of life." [Emil Burnner] In my first poem it ended abruptly, because though I felt love it was still precarious at that moment. However, without equivocation, I know now that the love I found is for a "lifetime". My heart is no longer troubled, for I see better tomorrows."