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Trekking through this barren land

No food to eat all is sand,

Looking into her baby’s eyes

Pleading for food before he dies

An exodus of people side by side

Unrelenting Sun, no where to hide

No Shelter as far as the eye could see

O dear God! Such misery

Where is our conscience and why can’t we see?

Whilst living in luxury and fantasy,

Combined efforts can alleviate misery

By simply deleting the unnecessary

Pangs of hunger pines the inside

As the world looks on far and wide,

Destitute and hurting in forlorn

Yet our hearts do not mourn!

© Reanty Marajh 2006

Author’s Comments
We can give without loving but we can’t love without giving. In the like manner we can have courage without conviction but we cannot have conviction without courage. Courage allows us to become cognizant of the suffering of people’s predicament, but conviction inspires us to lend a helping hand!