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“Aum Tat Sat” I am that

We are one, the earth moon and sun

Respectfully I bow to the God in you

Existing in all that we say and do

Connected by love, we can conquer

Create a balance and not get devoured

Spiritual light permeates us all

Arms of the universe, cradles our fall

Journey of life through time and space

Be not afraid, destiny you can face

Guided by faith we can emulate

Empathy for all His amazing grace

Ask not for more but give in the fore

Embrace humanity, open that door

Radiate peace, love and harmony

Mysteries of God, soon you will see

Reach with your heart, mind, body and soul

Gift of life will certainly unfold,

Feel it, know it, live it, hear it

“Aum Tat Sat” I am that…

© Reanty Marajh 2007

Author’s Comment
We can all aspire to a higher level of consciousness
reaching out with love and being aware of all that exists…