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Love seeks the warmth of a giving embrace

Shoulder to cry on, without losing face

Sharing dreams, old and new

Comfortable silence, when words are so few

A Promise of love, faithful and true

Overcomes any conflict that may ensue,

Implicit understanding when put to the test

Negating the worse, embracing the best

Words spewed in anger and in haste

Bear many fruits of much distaste,

Ponder a while, take time to reflect

Encourage and uplift, do not reject

A litany of words may not resonate

Lost love, trust and honor, when it’s too late

Clothe your heart with sincerity and grace

And Love’s blossom will find its own place!

Author’s Comments
Love is the most admirable and treasured gift that we are blessed with from above. True love is an in unction that is “free" and innumerable. When true love finds you treasure it; guard it; fully appreciate it; allow not complacency in the midst of it, and you will discover that love, therefore, is its own reward. Love seeks one thing only, the good of the one loved!

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