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Savoring tea in the morning sun

Staring silently, a new day has begun,

Wondering what this day will unfold

Will it be grand, any memories to hold?

Multitude of memories comes crashing in

Was it a dream, did I imagine?

Whispering gently, the wind speaks my name

Follow your dreams, fan the flame

The years are rushing quickly by

Truths revealed, we cannot deny

Ruminating on, events from the past

Applying wisdom, learned, will outlast

Sacrifices made, having no regrets

Constantly being put to the test,

Enigma of life I can relate

Empowered by faith, embracing my fate

Remains of the day, a gallant display

Counting my blessings, feeling no dismay

Pondering life’s heartaches and pleasure

Blessings bestowed, a priceless treasure!

© Reanty Marajh 2006

Author’s Comments

The emptiness of one’s life is a life that makes no commitment; a life that is inundated with the thought that they have no obligation to contribute anything to society; a life that is inured with the mindset of selfishness rather than selflessness; a life that is interlocked with forlorn and overflows with hopelessness. We should thank God for our happy dreams for there is a satisfaction in them unto reasonable desires, and such as can be content with a fit of happiness, and surely it is not a melancholy conceit to think we are all asleep in this world, and the conceits of this life are as mere dreams to those of the next. We should never go to sleep without prayers, and half adieus unto the world, and take our farewell in a colloquy with God.