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I look up at the starlit sky

Shades of grey catches my eye,

A streak of white peeps from behind

A crescent moon struggles to shine

Imitating life’s ups and downs

Some days a smile and then a frown,

Can we paint a picture of a perfect life?

Of joyful bliss and total delight

Blending colors of day and night

Inevitably emerges grey, not white

Perhaps by adding a little blue

We can gaze at the world with a different view!


Love those that do not love you

And not only those that do,

Knowing without revealing

Understanding without judging

Forgiving trespasses with sincerity

Not dispensation of words without empathy,

The two-edged sword tells no lies

And that is why our Savior died

Truth is an absolute singular numerator

And not a common numerical denominator,

Multitude of words spoken without merit

Actions belied, deserves no credit

In times of distress, embrace not reject

Unconditional love withstands the test,

Resplendent as the Sun shines and the Red-Breast sings

Each and every day, we hear the Truth-Bell rings

© Reanty Marajh 2006

Author’s Comments
God, love and truth is indivisible. We can do nothing against the truth but only for the truth. In the like manner, you can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.

Life is how we look at it. We can choose grey, white or blue, however at the end of the day, with faith and hope, an explosion of colors will surely emerge.