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"To a loving God"

Stealing apace the years went by drifting along

In contemplation, my heart knew something was wrong

In dolorousness, I struggled, I prayed and I cried

God alone knows how I tried

The familiar surroundings

I find myself drowning

I must say goodbye

Or surely wither and die

I see the hurt and pain in his eyes

How do I live in this maze of lies?

My adamantine quest God knows was hard and long

O! This rent heart of mine held steadfast and strong

All alone I ponder and wonder where did I go wrong?

This bleeding soul now knows I do not belong

The strong has ended

Nothing can be mended

These wayfarer's hearts have now gone apart

This book I now close to make a new start

© Reanty Marajh 2005

Author's Comments:
""We must observe what are the natural rhythms of a well-regulated and complete life, and when we have discovered these we must compel the foot and the music to suit themselves to the sense of such a life, and not the sense to suit itself to the foot and the music." [Plato]"