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Keeping watch over you my heart bleeds

Lingering days of eternal anxiety

Your delicate heart fraught with misery and despair

Solemnly gazing I look to above, please keep safe

My magnificent one!

Treading carefully, hovering with unease

Bereft of all senses except for my love

Calmness of waters runs so deep

Depth of your soul grasping to reach

A friend to all, but none a friend

Mighty and strong to the bitter end

Giving and giving so gracefully

Sublimely caring so desperately

Each tear you cry I wipe it dry

Knowing somehow the reasons why

A rainbow of hope you are in this rain

Why doesn't anyone feel your pain?

© Reanty Marajh 2005

Author's Comments:
"Baring our souls doesn't mean we are weak, instead forever growing to become a better person!"