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The uncertainties of life are here to stay

Not knowing life’s plan can bring dismay,

Sometimes dreams can be diverted

By events that may seem complicated

The universe hears our forlorn cries

Answering the many questions why,

The Aura of life that we project

Overcomes all that is circumspect

Cracks in the wall, we can circumvent

By reinforcing the foundation, enhancing its strength

The fabric of our being was painstakingly created

To fulfill a Plan God initiated

Challenge the day, formulate a plan

The deck of cards will reveal its hand,

Pieces of the puzzle will fall into place

With faith in God and His amazing grace!

© Reanty Marajh 2006

Author’s Comments:
Sometimes when you feel like the walls are closing in on you, just look up, you’ll see the Light and God’s smiling face.